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*** About Us ***

Timmy & Trina

My name is Trina...I am your ClearanceCrazy guide.
Along with the help of my husband, Timmy ClearanceCrazy brings you the best deals from online stores that we can find along with Free Gift Certificates and Free Samples.

My husband and I have two kids

  • Justin, who is 14
  • Amber, who is 9

    We are very frugal shoppers at our house! We purchase many of the items that we list on ClearanceCrazy because the prices are so great. We purchase items through out the year and put them back for Christmas. When Christmas time comes we are thrilled at the money we saved, not to mention that we get to by pass all of the Christmas crowd at the local stores.

    We have learned that through frugal shopping we can use all of the money we save from sales and coupons to purchase other things our family needs / wants. If we go to the grocery and save $30.00 with coupons ~ That is $30.00 that we have to purchase clothes or other necessities. If we shop online and are able to purchase Christmas gifts at 75% savings then we are able to purchase much nicer gifts for every one on our list.

    Our 14 year old Son has learned to bargain shop with his allowance. Now we just need to work with our 9 year old...she doesn't care how much things cost...all she knows is that she wants it (ha ha)

    We love hearing from our ClearanceCrazy.com visitors. If you find a fantastic sale or coupon that we don't have listed please share....Our members will thank you for the great savings that you passed on!

    You can e-mail us any time with your comments, suggestions, sale finds, etc...

    Amber in our backyard                               Trina & Justin
    Tell A Friend about This Site ~ click on the button below
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